Who we are

atriuM - Room for Mediation

The atrium of antiquity was a central, light-filled open space accessible from all sides by the residents of the house – a hub for gathering and communication.

As experienced mediators, we open up a space together with our clients where language can find its place and expression. This allows us to gain insight into the needs of the other person. A space is created where simple solutions become visible.




What our customers say about us

Dear Sira and Christof: Thank you for your proactive help!
Good day! A solution has been found. I no longer need a conversation. I thank you once again for everything, and you were a great help. Thank you, thank you!
Thank you very much for your efforts, it was the first step uphill.
I would like to thank you again for your invaluable work within the framework of the mediation. It is certainly not easy to listen to years of discord and blame, and still find the right conclusions for a solution that is acceptable to both parties.
Thank you very much for the mediation and your highly professional guidance. After this mediation - and I am only speaking for myself now - I felt immensely relieved and a great burden was lifted off my shoulders. I can now look towards the future again and focus on myself and my own processes